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Dataplex's sustainability Approach:


Dataplex have always strived to be the leader in Sustainable processes in the Data Centre. In 2012, Dataplex Group installed the largest Rotary Heat Exchangers in their data centre, supporting two data halls with an IT load of 2.0Mw.In 2016, Dataplex installed a 4.0Mw cooling solution, with a Free Air (adiabatic) cooling plenums into two data halls. Consistent temperature ranges to the data hall were achieved with 100% uptime, without any supporting mechanical cooling to the data hall.In 2020, Dataplex designed a 20Mw data centre with for a client, that was to install 25Kw (on-chip cooling server) racks. Utilising heat exchangers, the system could recover 60% of the energy used, through the heat generated by the server. This recovered heat would be used in the offices of the data centre.


Onsite power storage in large scale battery packs, to be used at peak times for grid stability. The batteries are supplied from a leading car manufacturer from their recycled car battery stores.

Brownfield development:        

Our goal is to regenerate former data centre facilities and bring them back to the market, reducing the carbon footprint in the process.

ESG goals:                                    

  • Dataplex continuously review the ESG and decarbonisation ambitions of our clients, as well as supporting them throughout the full lifecycle of their assets in our data halls.

  • Dataplex have developed a hybrid data hall design, to ensure that the clients can increase the densities of the data hall with liquid cooling solutions, in future upgrades of their assets.

  • Dataplex have commenced to swap out diesel generators to green gas (Hydrogen mix) generators over the coming years.

  • Dataplex are ensuring that Free cooling or a minimum of 60% heat recovery solutions are installed in all facilities within the next five years.

ESG Considerations

• Our goal is to ensure that the EDC provides the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria that our partnership and our clients require.

• Our Design team have invested in the development of a range of cooling solutions with a leading hardware supplier. The solutions will allow for the waste heat to be recovered through the system’s heat exchangers to connect to the existing building hot water system.

• Power connection for the EDC will be to the existing incoming power cable. Smart power grids & smart contracts will be instigated with the Utilities companies.

• The EDC will use the latest UPS systems offering the most efficient power conversion available.

• Our social aspect will be delivered by the Smart City platform that will be provided for a sustainable integrated solution and addresses city-specific challenges from different policy areas such as health, energy, mobility and transport, and City Authority ICT requirements.

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