Connecting Dots

ENode Edge

ENode is creating a mesh network of 1,000 or more edge data centres (EDCs) across Europe, providing low latency and high capacity connectivity for edge cloud services supporting Edge-Native Applications. It will be deployed within 40-60 km of end-users, providing a <2ms RTT network latency and will be interconnected as a mesh network so that end-users are able to get low latency access to at least 2 and up to 6 EDCs for resilience. EDCs will be Carrier and Network Neutral with solutions for local peering and hand-offs. It designed for use cases across multiple verticals, to support a wide variety of technologies.

ENode Support for Edge-Native Applications

ENode EDCs are designed to support Edge-Native Applications running on edge cloud services

Why is “edge-native” important?

 Edge-native applications NEED the edge.

 They cannot run entirely on a mobile or IoT or end-user device

 They cannot run entirely in the cloud

 They are dependent on one  or more unique edge attributes, using cloud-like compute resources with:

  • Bandwidth scalability

  • Low latency

  • Data privacy

  • High-availability

  • Data processing compliance

ENode Edge Peering

ENode EDCs will be set up as Edge Exchanges

• Carrier-grade software-defined routing and switching  (SDN) in edge DCs

• Network neutral exchanges that can inter-connect networks from Carriers, Telcos and MNOs

• Can transparently route to the Internet where required but route intelligently to local services where possible

• Provides natural exchange point for mobile (4G and 5G) networks and fixed high-speed fibre networks (FTTP/FTTH)

• Connected to major backhaul networks for optimised transit

ENode Location Strategy

ENode EDCs will deployed to sites that can reach the maximum user base

• Centres of population with access to high-speed networks – Fibre-to-the-home/business/premise, 5G

• Target prime vertical application concentrators, such as retail parks, industrial zones, transportation and logistics hubs

• Smart cities – ENode EDCs can support ultra-low latency applications for roadside/kerbside technologies

Location prioritisation based on metrics

The Proof Of Concept phase will deploy 5-10 sites in the UK in the initial 6 month period.  Following the POC, 200 sites will be deployed each 12 months.  Prioritisation of placement is based on an “Eyeball Index” – a weighted ranking of countries according to size of connected population. 


Additional weightings can include:

  • Socio-economic demographics

  • Deals made with real estate asset owners and network providers

  • Deals made with national or regional public sector bodies (or lack thereof!), e.g. for planning, tax incentives, etc.

  • Accelerated 5G or FTTH/P programmes

  • Smart City initiatives

ENode Edge Data Centre

• Edge Data Centres (EDC) are modular micro data centres supporting up to 18 high-density racks.  Total IT load up to 500kW, or 1MW available options

• Deployed as a series of skid units with the cooling systems, power panels and racks. The skids take up the equivalent of 20 car parking spaces and will connect to the local building utilities

• High degree of standardization for ease of deployment and maintenance

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